State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

15 of September 2018, Mykolaiv, at 198thTraining Center of Ukrainian Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the solemn opening of The Training Ground for Survivability took place. It was designed and manufactured by State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre (SRDSC).
The little but very important step was made this day in the cause of Ukrainian Navy reinforcement. Because there is no real active service without the qualitative training of staff at the training centers. It helps to save not only life of training person but also the lives of crew, the resources and the life-time of ship in whole. Oleksiy Neyizhpapa, Rear Admiral of Ukrainian Navy, participated in the opening. In the name of Navy Command he thanked Training Center team, designers and constructors for laborious and professional work. He noted that the Mykolaiv potential is retained and for the future there are possibilities to provide Ukrainian Navy with new designs and to reinforce the fleet.
«This Training Ground, the most recent one, for the first time, may be, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, has been designed and constructed from scratch in Mykolaiv. It is very outstanding event! Marquee! Therefore, the Navy shall exist! Shipbuilding shall exist! Our designers can do this» – said Oleksiy Neyizhpapa.
The constructing of Training Ground has been realized by SRDSC’s detached self-sustained department «Korablebudivnyk». In addition, the quite big cooperation of Mykolaiv’s companies has been created: LLC «Budgrad», LLC «Magistral-Yug», LLC «Top Service Yug». Vadym Borysov, acting director of SRDSC, accentuated that due to the qualitative performance of work by all participants, maintenance of terms and discipline, this project has been successfully realized.
«I want to wish future seamen to learn well the fire and flooding control, as well as to protect inner accommodations and equipment of ship; I wish them to face with such situations at training grounds only » – said Vadym Borysov.
Reference The Training Ground for Survivability is intended for staff skills practicing: – the firefighting with local fires and conflagrations; – the fight with the water entry into the ship; – the training of emergency actions at the ship’s emergency compartments; – the practice of actions of leaving the ship’s flooded compartments.