State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

From 9 to 12 October the International Exhibition «Arms and Security-2018» was held at the International Exhibition Center (Kyiv, Ukraine). State Research and Design Shipbuilding Centre traditionally presented its projects at the joint exposition of the State Concern “UkrOboronProm”.
The models of “ASW corvette” and Fast coast guard boat “Briz-40” were presented this year. It should be noted that the “Briz-40” model was firstly presented to the general public. The design of such type boat was created due to the deep analysis of needs of The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in present-day conditions. As the annexation of the Crimea, the escalation of the situation at the East of Ukraine and the construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge created specific conditions for the squads of the Marine Security. This situation influenced to service of units and made performing of the duty and counteraction of the aggressor are highly difficult. The up-to-date and promising “Briz-40” boats could improve this situation substantially and renew the distressed boats of the Ukrainian Sea Guard. The development has been carried in close collaboration with representatives of the Odessa squad of the Marine Security. The ideas of captains of “ORLAN” and “GRIF” patrol boats have been implemented at this project. Though, the boat is domestic manufacturer-oriented but there are implemented state-of-the-art developments of foreign manufacturers of weapons and equipment. Due to the high speed (more than 45 kts), excellent maneuverability and stability, and with modern weapons, newest systems and equipment, comfortable cabins and ergonomic posts, the boat can be successfully used for the safeguarding of the state’s borders, the safeguarding of the state’s sovereign rights at the EEZ, participating at the fight against organized crime, at the countermeasures against illegal migration at the state’s borders and participating at the search-and-rescue missions. The boat can be made from aluminum-magnesium alloy, composite material or steel, depending on the specific Сustomer requirements. One of the most important options of the boat is possibility of transportation by land to the Sea of Azov. This increases significantly the area of its application. In addition, the platform, used to create “Briz-40”, could be used for creation of boats of other class and purpose. SRDSC has developed the range of engineering solutions on this platform for needs of the Ukrainian Navy, the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. It should be noted that the presented projects of “ASW corvette” and Fast coast guard boat “Briz-40” have significant export potential, and it is indicated by the interest from the foreign delegations, visited SRDSC’s stand.