State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

At the International Exhibition «Arms and Security-2019» (8-11 October, Kyiv, Ukraine), State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre unveiled its new project – Kaira-150 Multitask Craft. The design solutions implemented at the Kaira-150 are the results of the R&D and marketing analysis.
This craft is a unified “platform”, which can be developed to the family of Kaira-150 crafts – from military to paramilitary and other versions. This feature makes it unique. The craft is fully optimized by overall dimensions and equipment. During the “platform” development attention was given to the creation of comfortable conditions for the crew without loss of feasibility to place different equipment. One of the main task of the project was to obtain the optimal “cost-performance” benefits. There are two stages it is how this project has been designed. Within the first stage the patrol and anti-saboteur versions were developed, at the same time engineering staff attention was also focused at the mine-hunting one. The second stage included the assessment of Kaira-150 “platform” for civilian and dual-use purposes. It can be used not only by the Ministry of Defence and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine but also by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine and other institutions. The hull of Kaira-150 family can be used different materials, like steel, aluminum or fiberglass reinforced plastic. It depends on the particular version requirements. The main characteristics of basic Kaira-150 platform: displacement – 155 t; max length – 38.0 m, beam – 7.0 м; draught – 2.0 m; range – not less 1000 NM; endurance – 5 days. The full speed is from 18 to 27 kts, depending on the craft purpose and chosen power plant. It is the diesel power plant that craft has on board. Due to the design and arrangement of hull and superstructure, the craft can be equipped with artillery armament, short range missile systems or modern minehunting sets, rescue sets of local or foreign manufacture. In addition, there is gyrostabilizer (it significantly increases the crew activity under the heavy sea conditions at all speeds range), and there is possibility to install the fixed compact sonar, thruster to increase the maneuverability at slow speeds.   The implemented design solutions of Kaira-150 facilitate SRDSC to expand the prospective customers range, especially from the countries with sufficiently large sea borders, which develop coastal infrastructure, and have the active marine production and the sea-mining. The crafts with a high level of unification help to decrease both the operating costs and the crew training costs.