State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

On September, 24th the State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre held the meeting with foreign military attachés of world leading countries of the Kyiv Association of Military Attaches (KAVA). It was held under the protocols of COVID-19 infection prevention and control.
SRDSC’s leaders presented general information about the company’s activities and its possibilities in designing of ships and crafts of different classes for the state and foreign customers. During the discussion the SRDSC’s representatives charted the path of Ukrainian shipbuilding development, and with it the strengthening of collaboration with Asian and European partners. In addition, SRDSC’s representatives payed attention that they conduct R&D under the NATO Standards. The KAVA representatives showed their interest in SRDSC’s products and services, and expressed their hope for the strengthening of collaboration between the KAVA member counties and SRDSC in the future.