State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

At the “IDEX-2021” (International Defence Exhibition and Conference, 21-25 February, Abu Dhabi, UAE), State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre unveiled for the first time its new project –Missile Craft “Bohomol”. It’s a unique project of surface craft PACSCAT type (Partial Air Cushion Supported CATamaran). It was designed with taking into account of actual customers’ needs and marketing analysis. The Missile Craft “Bohomol” is based on the thorough research scientific works and a search for engineering solutions. Also SRDSC exhibited ASW corvette and Multitask Craft “Kaira-150”.

The Missile Craft “Bohomol” is a totally new project that is a successful combination of speed, manoeuvrability and stealth capability. These parameters are achieved due to the whole structure of the ship: it is a platform of catamaran type with two flexible skirts (fore and aft). The air blowers inject the air into the space between the hulls and it unloads the whole structure partially lifting it out of the water. Therefore, it significantly decreases the draught and displacement, and the running resistance respectively.

Maximum available full speed under the Sea State 0-1 and air cushion mode is not less than 50 knots (proved by model tests in the towing tank). Range is not less than 600 NM at 37-38 knots of cruising speed. The craft of 142-145 t displacement (without «cushion») can be used without any limitations under the Sea State up to 3 and speed of 30-35 knots.

This project fully optimized in size and technique. It is equipped with 2 SSM “Neptune” type, one 40 mm Gun and modern communication and navigation facilities. To control air targets at the close-in area the craft has a MANPADS.

The visitors and invited guests of IDEX-2021 from various countries displayed a keen interest in the presented SRDSC’s projects. Engineering ideas and solutions implemented at these projects will favour to widen the circle of prospective customers from all over the world, who have the great length of their maritime borders.