State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

In 1975, the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR made the decision to set up the 61st Department of the Severnoe Design Bureau (Leningrad, Saint Petersburg). It was created 1st November, 1975 and in the year it was reorganized to the Uzhnoe Design Bureau.

From the creation and till 1991, the Uzhnoe Design Bureau successfully carried out:

– the development of the design documentation and the support of the construction of the cruisers of the Project 1164 (Slava class) and the frigate (coast guard escort ship) of the Project 11351 (Krivak III class);

– the modernization of the large anti-submarine ships of the Projects 1134B and 1134BF (Kara class), and the Project 61 (Kashin class);

– the development of the design documentation for the construction of the destroyers (large anti-submarine ship) of the Project 61ME (Kashin II class) for the Republic of India.

Currently, the last eighth ship of the Project 11351, the frigate “Hetman Sahaydachniy”, is the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy.

The Uzhnoe Design Bureau was reorganized in the State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre (SRDSC) in 1992.

In spite of the economic crisis in 1990s, SRDSC carried out a number of R&D works for creation of:

– multipurpose patrol ship;