State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

Armored river gunboat “Gyurza”

Purpose: Designed to guard state borders, monitor shipping on border rivers, lakes and other basins.

 Main characteristics:
 Length, overall 20.3 m
 Beam, overall 4.9 m
 Draught, max 0.9 m
 Displacement, full load: 38.4 t
 Endurance: 5 days
 Complement:  5
Propulsion / Speed:
Propulsion: 2 diesels
Max speed: not less 28 kts
Range: not less 450NM at 11 kts
Sensors and Communication:
Navigation radar
Optoelectronic monitoring system
Integrated bridge system
BMP-2 turret:
 – 1×30 mm double-belt automatic gun
 – 1, ATGM Launcher
 – 7.62 mm machine gun
BTR-70/80 turret:
 – 1×14.5 mm Heavy machine gun
 – 1×7.62 mm machine gun
Vital spaces (engine room, wheel house, ammunition stores) are made of special bullet-proof steel
The weapons and sensors can be specified in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.