State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre


Purpose: Designed to carry out the mission in the peacetime; to conduct the battle operations and special operations alone, as a part of warships tactical groups and diverse forces groups.

 Main characteristics:
 Length, overall: 112,0 м
 Beam, overall: 13,50 м
 Draught, max: 3,50 м
 Displacement, full load:  2650 t
 Endurance:  30 days
 Complement:  110
Propulsion / Speed:
Propulsion: CODOG
Max speed: not less 30 kts
Range: not less 4000 NM at 14 kts
Sensors and Communication:
3D Air/Surface long range Surveillance radar
3D Air/Surface middle range Surveillance radar
Long range over the Horizon Targeting radar
Optical Radar Fire Control System
Optoelectronic Fire Control System
Hull mounted sonar and Towed array sonar
Navigation Radar
Intagrated bridge system
2х4 SSM launchers
SAM system middle range
76 mm gun
2х1 35 mm guns
2х3 324 mm torpedo launchers
2х12.7 mm machine guns
Chaff decoy launchers
Miltipurpose helicopter up to 11 t
The weapons and sensors can be specified in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.