State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

Floating Training Centre for military divers

length, max (extensions) 18.0 m
width, max (extensions) 12.0 m
height, max (from the basic plane) 15.0 m
Training Centre is designed for training the following crew’s practical skills:
  • providing diver’s works and plunges;
  • providing plunges with different diving equipment;
  • carrying out different diver’s works including the use of both hand tools and hydraulic tools;
  • practicing crew’s escape from the submarine (while it’s underwater) through the torpedo launcher;
  • practicing the intrusion to surface ship’s deck from the water;
  • evacuation of the crew from the sunk armored vehicles.
All the relevant trainers are foreseen for abovementioned training activities on the Training Centre .
Operation conditions:
Training Centre provides operation as an “parking vessel” in the water space through the air temperature limit between minus 25 °С to +40 °С.
Training Centre provides forming a one piece of a metal construction placed on a ferroconcrete hulk. Metal construction consists of 3 modular floors based on standard ISO-type 40-feet and 20-feet containers forming a one piece.