State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

Landing craft «Taipan»

Main characteristics:
Length, overall 30.0 m
Beam, overall 8.00 m
Draught, max 1,80 m
Displacement, full load 276.0 t
Endurance 2 days
Complement 4
Propulsion 2 diesels (2 waterjets)
Max speed not less 24 kts at maximum displacement
Range not less 700 NM at 16 kts
Sensors and Communication:
Navigation Radar
Communication and Navigation Systems
Integrated bridge system
2×12.7 mm Remotely Controlled Combat Modules
2×12.7 mm Manually Operated Machine Guns
The weapons and sensors can be specified in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.
Landing force capacity:
5 MBT (2×50 t), or 10 APV, or 100 t of cargo up to 150 commandos