State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

Multipurpose corvette “Berkut”

Purpose: The corvette searches and detects surface and underwater targets, as well as takes air, surface and underwater countermeasures.

 Main characteristics:
 Length, overall 85.5 m
 Beam, overall 10.2 m
Draught, on design WL 3.1 m
 Displacement, full load: 1200 t
 Endurance: 14 days
 Complement:  52
Propulsion / Speed:
Propulsion: CODAD /CODAG
Max speed: not less 28/32 kts
Range: not less 3500 NM at 14 kts
Sensors and Communication:
SMART Mk2 3D Air/Surface surveillance radar
Over the Horizon Surface Targeting radar
Sting EO Optical-Radar Fire Control System
Optoelectronic Fire Control System
ESM and Chaff decoy launcher
Hull mounted sonar
Intruder detection sonar
Navigation Radar
Intagrated bridge system
2×4 ММ40 Block3 SSM
8 MICA VL SAM system
76 mm OTO Melara gun
35 mm Millennium gun
2×12.7 mm machine guns
2х2 – 324 mm torpedo launchers
2 ASW Rocket Launcher (option)
Helicopter up to 6 t
The weapons and sensors can be specified in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.