State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

Non-self-propelled integrated support vessel for coast guard boats

Purpose and application area: Designed to base at the sea coast, navigable waterways and lakes for the purpose of locating the coast guard boats and supporting them by fuels and lubricants, fresh water, collection and utilization of sewage water.

Main characteristics:
Length, overall43.0 m
Length on DWL41.0 m
Beam, max10 m
Displacement, full  load900 t
2 diesel generators (2 х 125 kW)
Main switchboard
Sensors and Communication:
External and internal communication system
Complement – 7 persons
25 persons of crews from boats could be accommodated at the single and double cabins.
Repair areas: machine-shop – about 65 m2, equipped with machine tool holding.
Tanks capacity:
– fuel – 45.0 m3
– fresh water – 12.0 m3
– oil-containing water – 3.0 m3
– sewage  – 12.0 m3