State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

Search & Rescue Ship "ARGO-2000"

Purpose: Designed to carry out the search-and-rescue activities in the intricate meteorological conditions, as well as to fire-fighting operation at the ships and at the oil-and-gas producing platforms.

Main characteristics:
 Length, overall:83,2 m
 Beam, overall:13,0 m
 Draught, max:4,0 m
 Displacement, full load:2000 t
 Endurance:30 days
Propulsion:2 diesels
Max speed:not less 20 kts
Range:not less 4500 NM (at 14 kts)
Sensors and Communications:
Electro-optical surveillance system (day/night)
Navigation radar
Integrated bridge system
30-40-mm gun
Portable SAM
2х12,7-mm MGs
Sonar System, sound underwater communication with disabled submarine
Helicopter Landing Deck for helicopter up to 12 t
The weapons and sensors can be specified in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.
Ship equipping:
Decompression chamber
Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
Additional medical
2 fire fighting monitors (2х600 m3/h)
Up to 70 evacuated persons could be accomodated at the ship.