State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre

Training Centre for Survivability

length, max (with extensions) 13.2 m
width, max (with extensions) 9.9 m
height, max (with foundation and load beams) 7.6 m
Training the crew’s practical skills of efficient response to emergency situations on surface ships, boats and auxiliary ships of the Ukrainian Navy (using the rescue equipment) and other activities in the training rooms, namely:
  • fighting the local ignitions, local and heavy fires using the fire-fighting devices, equipment and systems;
  • fighting the leakage of water inside the hull through the damaged external shell or other liquids from the internal ship pipelines;
  • practicing crew’s activities inside the ship training rooms and escaping the rooms;
  • practicing crew’s activities of escaping the flooded rooms
Operation conditions:
Training Centre allows operation through the temperature limit (of the ambient air) between +40 °С (summer) and minus 25 °С (winter) to provide crew’s education and training of different activities in three different training rooms.
Training Centre is connected to external power network, fire alarm system, fresh water system and sewage system to provide no-brake operation.
Training Centre is formed of six modules of different purposes based on standard ISO-type 40-feet maritime cargo containers.  It can be located both on land and floating pontoon in the coastal area.